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Interior Design impacts our experiences when entering into a room, building or complex and may include front porches and adjacent indoor outdoor spaces. Interior Design brings us in close touch to the positioning and selection of furnishings, materials, illumination, forms and the designed composition of space.


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Common Questions

Just In Case

  • How do you charge?

    Design services are based on what is needed and the time it takes to accomplish those tasks, so charges are project specific.  Services and charges may or may not include purchasing of materials, furnishings, hardware, artwork and other related items to the project.  Letters of Agreement are customized to the project and are defined between designer and client before work starts.   

  • How does it work – what’s the sequence generally?

    There are typically five parts to the design process which are listed below and we discuss the process and scope of work together to define the specifics of your design project.

    1. Identify scope of work and project goals
    2. Drawing up Schematic Design
    3. Design Development
    4. Construction Documents & Permitting as needed
    5. Construction Observation
    6. Purchases as may apply

  • Are you Mr. Designer my general contractor?
    No I’m not – the general contractor oversees the construction of the project and works with both client and designer to complete the project to their satisfaction.  The agreement between client and general contractor is separate.
  • How long does it take?

    The Design Process varies in length of time with what is being accomplished.  By defining the scope of work and client needs we can provide time estimates and establish initial target dates with you.

    We are conscientious of project schedules and the high quality of service we deliver.  We strive to set and meet project deadlines and communicate with clients and the project team to keep all parties on track moving forward toward completion.
  • Is there anything I can do to help the process as a client?

    • Identify to the best of your ability your wish list of project wants and needs
    • Define your budgetary and time constraints
    • Share images and thoughts which you have assembled to help to convey your vision, style and preferences if you have this

  • I have it all in mind I just want somebody to draw it up – can you do that?

    Sometimes a client needs a draftsperson and this is different than a designer.  Often some of the big box home stores can assist with simple layouts and these types of projects.

  • What are some of the trades in addition to Designer that may be involved with the project?

    Structural Engineer  

    General Contractor who often manages

    • Mechanical / heating and air conditioning
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing

    Title 24 Energy consultation / California

    • A/V outside consultant / smart systems / alarms
    • Green energy / solar and other supplemental energy resources
    • Lighting Design
    • Stone & tile install, Drywall & Interior Plaster, Painting,
    • Landscape
    • Specialty sub-contractors or consultants for such items as swimming pool, spa, fitness equipment, wine cellar, and/or greenhouse…

  • I’m out of town from you can we work together?

    Communication is a key to our successful working relationship.  Once construction has started a minimum of a weekly meeting is an important part of the process.  When a client is off-site it is particularly important to address progress and to share thoughts between client and the project team. 

    We can Skype and communicate in real time to keep the project on track and to address questions proactively.  We want to be sure that you or your representative participate so that owners are well informed and are able to contribute their input in a timely manner.  This approach on behalf of our clients has proven to be inclusive and effective.

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What Our Clients Say

"Alin Maxon one of the most creative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s a great people person and I have never worked with anyone better with colors. He performed distinctively with me at University Towne Centre, Grossmont Center and The Ferry Landing in Coronado. I loved working with him on numerous projects and there is no one with finer character and talent."
Mark D. Ashton
"Alin was the creative force behind the complete remodel of our 2500 sq ft condo. He not only demonstrated the critical ability to translate our raw vision into amazing reality, he did so without sacrificing design or functionality. The systems, layout and finishes work together seamlessly to provide an environment that's livable, beautiful and one that we're very proud to call home."
Margaret Bavasi
"For many years it has been my pleasure to work with Maxon Design. The owner, Alin Maxon, has proven time and again to be timely, professional and someone on which I can depend. Our specific clientele primarily reside in the high rises of downtown San Diego. It is imperative to me to surround myself with capable people who can deliver. This has always been my experience with Maxon Design."
Brad Fox
"Alin held my hand through the entire process. I explained to him what I had in mind and he made it come to life. I described my dream kitchen and he brought it to life. He took me on “field trips” to see firsthand the things that are available. He pays attention to detail. I smile each time I walk into my kitchen. It’s been two years and I still love it!"
Barbara Regan
"As a General Contractor I’ve worked with and known Alin for over ten years. Early on I could see that he had an incredible talent for design and an impeccable eye for detail. Alin is always open to discussion when it comes to changes in the scope of work, whether it be design or structural, and always has solutions to remedy any situation. It’s been a pleasure working with Alin on the many projects we’ve been involved with in the past and it’ll be a pleasure working with him on future projects as well."
Rich Shamlian
"We have been fortunate to work with Alin on our condos in downtown San Diego and now on one in Del Mar. Alin’s attention to design, detail, and color have made our living spaces not only extremely comfortable, but contemporary, glamorous, and unique."
"We worked with Maxon Design on custom interior design for our residence. We can say that not only is Alin Maxon extremely easy to work with, he is by far the best listener we have come across in terms of trying to meet his customer’s goals and vision. He quickly grasped the aesthetic and objectives we had in mind and then utilized his deep resources and creative solutions to problems to make it happen. His critical attention to detail helped us reach a very satisfactory outcome for our custom home and turned our ideas into reality."
Ian & Kelly Chaplin
"[Alin Maxon] ... designed a deck overseeing San Diego bay. The deck was surrounded by beautiful succulents that bloomed throughout the Spring. The integration of the meditation area, fire pit, fountain, deck and plantings virtually turned an eyesore into a beautiful space. My new back yard restores my spirit every time I walk up to it - and - for sure - has greatly added to the value of my home."
Warren Klam
"Alin’s design of our movable walls art gallery is so amazing. We are able to display our one of a kind art work without losing the open feeling of our space."
Carolyn & Dee Rivers
"I have had three different occasions to use Alin and his talents (on bank remodel / re-branding projects). Two projects required Alin to rescue projects that were having trouble. Alin is masterful and has an uncanny ability to deliver what the owner is envisioning."
Jim McVay
"Alin “gets” the big picture while providing great design, materials and attention to detail. Maxon Design has provided me with unique concept design services to enable the opening of eight successful and different restaurant and food service venues."
David Mittleman

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